Focused on Our Future


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If you’ve met me, my children have likely been with me. They are the reason I’m running. They are my motivation every day. I will work hard for what is best for our kids and our community.

I am a moderate running to represent the people of Sandy, Draper, and White City. I have watched as year after year the Legislature ignores the issues that are important to our families in favor of special interests.

I will bring civility, integrity, and a willingness to work with others to find common sense solutions to the Legislature.

I am not running to advance the agenda of a party or special interest group. I am not beholden to anyone other than the voters. I am running so that the people of District 32 have their voices heard in the Legislature. I care about better support for public education, clean air, transparency in government, and not wasting our taxpayer money.

The future of our state depends on elected officials that will fight to preserve what makes Utah great, while also working with others to make Utah even better. I am focused on our future and I’m asking for your vote.

Meet Suzanne

I grew up in Provo where my parents both spent their careers working at BYU. I went to Timpview High School and then attended Stanford University where I met my husband, John, who was raised in Centerville, Utah.

After Stanford I graduated from medical school at the University of Utah, and completed my residency in anesthesiology at Harvard University. We’ve lived in District 32 for over a decade. Our children attend local public schools. John works as a Senior Director of Engineering at Lucid Software.

I am a board-certified anesthesiologist at Riverton Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center. I also volunteer at our children’s schools and sports leagues and in our church.

I don’t feel represented by the Utah Legislature. The issues that matter to me and my family are regularly ignored in favor of pet projects that waste time and money. I’m running to have the voices of everyday Utahns heard again in our government.

Keep in Touch


I am a moderate concerned that our Legislature has consistently failed to take meaningful action on the problems facing our state. I am out talking to voters and listening carefully to your concerns so I can best represent you in our Legislature.

Supporting Education
One of the reasons I ran for the Utah Legislature is that my daughter had 29 kids in her kindergarten class in our local public school. I volunteered in that class and watched her overworked and overstretched teacher try to address the needs of so many kids. We can do better by our kids, and we need new leaders with fresh perspectives in office to improve the educational opportunities for all Utah kids.

I am pleased to be endorsed by the Canyons Education Association, and also serve on the Canyons Education Foundation Board. I also serve on the PTA Board for Alta View Elementary.

My kids are in public schools with your kids. I will fight for them to have every opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Air Quality
Utahns deserve to breathe clean air! Our air pollution is harming our health and our economic future. Our air pollution increases the risk of serious breathing problems, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and shortens our lifespans. We have a unique geography that demands unique solutions, and we need to be wise stewards. We need cleaner burning fuels, better air quality monitoring, and we need to encourage cleaner vehicles. Everyone, including industry, should do their fair share to address this serious problem.

Economic Growth
Anyone willing to work hard to support their family deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Our economy is performing well but not everyone is receiving the benefits of their hard work. We need to build a better economy that works for all Utahns, not just business owners.

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