I’m running to represent you in the Utah Legislature and to ensure every resident in our community has a voice in their government. I am a lifelong Utahn and a medical doctor, but most importantly, I am a mom of three beautiful children. It’s because of them that I am motivated to find ways to preserve what makes Utah the state we love – but also bring people together to build a better future for every Utah child.

I look forward to working hard to earn your trust, your friendship, and your vote.


We must do better for our children’s education, as class sizes continue to increase and teachers continue to leave the profession. Here are my ideas to improve education in Utah:

Supporting Teachers and Local Control

Teachers choose to teach because they want to make a difference in our children’s lives, but too often legislators interfere. I will give Utah educators the support, resources and respect they deserve, while empowering locally-elected school boards to account for student success. We need smaller class sizes and competitive salaries to attract and retain teachers who inspire.

Career Preparation

An education has never been more important for personal prosperity and self sufficiency, and we need to ensure our schools prepare our kids for the modern economy. This requires better collaboration between education and business leaders. As your representative, I will work to provide our children with the skills they will need to be productive citizens after graduation, such as expanded internship opportunities and career counseling.

Mental Health

Our kids are struggling in school, and not just academically. Utah’s youth suicide rate has tripled in the last 10 years, and suicide, depression, anxiety, and addiction issues are becoming more prevalent throughout Utah. I will work to improve mental health and behavioral health services in our schools. We have lost too many of our kids, and this can’t continue. We must do better.

Air Quality

Utah children deserve to breathe clean air! Our air pollution is harming our health and our economic future. Our air pollution increases the risk of serious breathing problems, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and shortens our lifespans. We have a unique geography that demands unique solutions, and we need to be wise stewards. Everyone, including industry, individuals and businesses must do their fair share if we’re going to address this issue.

Cleaner Vehicles

Over half of the particulate pollution in our air shed comes from vehicles. Using low-sulfur fuels that meet Tier 3 standards can reduce emissions by as much as 80%. That is like taking 4 out of 5 cars off the road. We need to prioritize making cleaner fuel available to consumers.

We should encourage cleaner vehicles. Electric vehicles make up less than 1 percent of the cars on Utah roads, yet our Legislature treats them as a problem by quadrupling the registration fees on electric vehicles. That is the wrong direction for a state with serious air pollution.


We need effective air quality monitoring. Better monitoring will lead to targeted, cost-effective measures that will have a real impact on our air.


Healthcare quality and affordability is only getting worse. As a medical doctor, I have a unique skill set and perspective that will help families in our community:

Control Costs

As we look for ways to improve healthcare coverage, we need to prioritize policies that bring costs down while improving value and quality. Increased competition, reducing unnecessary regulations, improving price and outcome transparency, and ensuring insurance companies fulfill coverage obligations will result in healthcare savings for Utah patients.

I support protecting coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions. No one should have to choose between medical debt and seeking medical care.

We need a healthcare advocate for Utah patients, not advocates for insurance companies or prescription drug companies. I will fight for you and your family.

Mental Health and Addiction Services

We have a growing opioid addiction and mental health crisis in our state. On average, one Utahn dies each day from addictions leading to overdoses. As a medical doctor and expert in pain management, I will fight for evidence-based solutions to ensure Utahns receive the care and services they need.

This issue has been left unaddressed for too long in our Legislature and costs have just continued to increase, forcing more taxpayer dollars toward homeless services and emergency room visits. Utah families struggling with addiction deserve solutions.

Economic Growth

Anyone willing to work hard to support his or her family deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. As your legislator, here is how I will improve economic opportunities:


Many Utahns are succeeding in our economy, but not everyone is, and wages of hardworking Utahns continue to stagnate. We need to continue building an economy that works for all families in our community. This underscores the need to improve our workforce through advancements in education. Instead of always recruiting companies from other states, I believe we can be doing more to support local companies and small businesses that are already in Utah.

Saving Tax Dollars

Every tax dollar must be used wisely, and currently our legislators waste time on pet projects and special interest giveaways, such as $53 million for a coal port in California or allocating $50 million to rebrand UTA. They start expensive legal battles their constituents don’t support. I will work hard for Utah families, not special interests, and reduce the wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Strategic Economic Investments

Reducing waste in the state’s budget will allow us to make strategic investments in the people of Utah. Critical investments in education, transportation and air quality programs will strengthen Utah’s position in the global economy, and provide better opportunities for hardworking Utahns and their families. Investing today will ensure a strong quality of life for Utah’s next generation.


Too much of Utah’s legislative agenda is decided in closed-door meetings. We don’t know what deals are being made in these meetings. The public’s business should always be conducted in public. As your representative, I will keep you informed,listen to your concerns and support legislation that increases transparency


I am running to serve the people of House District 32, not a political party. I will listen to all residents in our community: Republicans, independents, and Democrats. To solve Utah’s biggest challenges, we need to bring people together. I believe in bipartisanship and working with others to find common sense solutions.

I am proud to have Republicans, unaffiliated voters, and Democrats on my team. I am a moderate running on the Democratic ticket, committed to representing the residents and families in Sandy, Draper and White City and will always put people before parties and politics.

Campaign Finance

Every person in our community should be heard, not just those that can afford to donate to politicians or hire expensive lobbyists. Federal elections cap the amount of donations an individual can contribute to a candidate, and Utah should follow suit. No elected office, including this seat, should be available for purchase.

Term Limits

Our Founders envisioned a citizen government, not a permanent political class. Good people should serve for a reasonable amount of time and then return to private life. I support term limits for our legislature and governor.


As the proud aunt of eight adopted nieces and nephews, I’m incredibly grateful for each of their brave birth moms who chose life through the gift of adoption. They are a special part of our family.

As a medical doctor, I believe in the sanctity of life. My position on abortion is consistent with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: abortion can be considered in certain exceptional circumstances, such as when pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or when the health of the mother is in serious jeopardy.

Community Safety

Neighborhoods in Sandy and Draper must be safe. We need to better support local police and fire personnel, improve school safety and security, and ensure that all residents are safe in our community.

Religious Freedom

I support our Constitution and cherish the freedoms it provides. If elected I will work to protect freedom of religion while ensuring all people are treated fairly under the law.